Using virtual reality to cure real-life PTSD

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Doctors are hoping that virtual reality can help cure soldiers of their all-too-real wartime traumas. The New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Cente has received a $11 million grant from the Department of Defense to continue its research in using virtual reality therapy to heal those with combat-related PTSD. Suffers experience flashbacks, nightmares and unrelenting anxiety from their experiences in the battlefield. Working with colleagues at Emory University and the University of Southern California, the researchers use specialized software to guide patients through familiar trauma scenes.
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  • Pooky Amsterdam

    How wonderful this article is, and Virtual World therapy, counseling, education and more really are possible and quite powerful with this reality.  All of the dialogue in this video is from real people who suffer with PTSD, and who have found help through Fearless Nation which is a virtual world support organization.

    It was an important film to be a part of, and important to share.

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