Yordie Sands: My Wonderful Fantasy – 2011

It’s that time of year where a lot of people look back on the year that was. Over the coming week we’ll be featuring retrospectives from other blogs, whether they are a broad look back at a virtual world or a more personal view. Here’s a nice one to start with from Second Life’s Yordie Sands:
“Second Life makes it easy to capture some of the moments that make a second life a wonderful fantasy. 2011 was by far the wildest roller coaster ride of my nearly five years as an avatar. At New Years, the future seemed to be an adventure with no end, but by Summer the adventure had ended terribly. Then I began again, started anew and here we are at Christmas.
The thing is, Second Life has it’s own kind of reality and for many of us, maybe most of us, each year is a roller coaster ride. I have girlfriends I love who’ve been through their own ups and downs and ups in the past year. I’ve seen some friends who just can’t take the emotional swings and leave forever. But for those of us who remain, no matter how crazy the ride is, we stay because there are some great memories. So, here are some favorite memories from my 2011 fantasy”
Via yordiesands.blogspot.com

  • http://yordiesands.blogspot.com/ Yordie Sands

    Awww… thank you for carrying my story. Hugs

  • Velvetelvis

    an article I could relate to.