LED mounted in a contact lens: virtual / AR displays

A fascinating video on mounting an LED in a contact lens. In the virtual worlds speher, the applications are obvious and appealing to say the least. Have a watch for yourself, but here’s the video maker’s description:
“Every so often, internet news aggregator sites run a story about a research group that put an LED into a contact lens, then inserted it into a rabbit’s eye. I figured that I would try the same thing, but put the lens into my own eye.
I accomplished this by laminating a coil of wire and an 0402 surface-mount LED between two ordinary soft contact lenses. I was hoping the lenses would stick to each other, but they did not, so I ended up fixing the edges together by pinching the plastic together with hot tweezers. This held well enough to capture a minute of video with the LED illuminated in my eye. For video purposes, I mounted the LED facing outward. An actual VR/AR display would have the LED facing inward”
Via www.youtube.com