At The Metaverse Journal, it\’s all about transparency, so if you\’ve got a question about how we operate, don\’t hesitate to ask. Answers to the most commonly asked questions can be found below:

How do I get a story on The Metaverse Journal?

Like any content-driven site, it\’s the stories that are crucial for our ongoing success. If you have a truly interesting story, we\’re likely to be keen to publish it. Just contact us with a brief explanation of your story idea, and a SLURL for the location (if it\’s in Second Life). Due to the volume of story suggestions received, not all are published.

How soon will my story appear?

How long is a piece of string? The delay between submission and a completed story depends on a range of factors – how many completed stories we have awaiting publication, any significant news that occurs on a given day that may bump a scheduled story and the list goes on. Any event-based stories will obviously be published prior to the event wherever possible.

Can I promote my business?

Yes you can. We profile Australian businesses – the submission guidelines are the same, we need a description of your business, a SLURL and a picture. We don\’t care if you\’re a multinational or a sole trader – a big part of our role is to cover Australian news and community events.

Do businesses that advertise get special treatment?

No. We do tend to get businesses or individuals advertise after seeing the response to a profile on the site. However, no advertiser receives extra coverage. Any business, whether they advertise or not, will receive coverage of significant events but nothing else. More on advertising here. Another important point needs to be emphasised in this context: advertising will not mean that your business will be immune to criticism on this site. If an issue is deemed newsworthy, it will be covered.

What\’s a significant event?

If it\’s a new business launching, a truly unique in-world product or you\’ve made your first million in Second Life, then we\’re interested. We\’re not usually interested in whether you\’re having a sale, have redecorated your business presence or are getting married.

I\’m unhappy with a story you\’ve written or I\’ve found an inaccuracy – what should I do?

In the first instance, comment on the story and detail your issue. We\’re all for transparency – if we\’ve made a mistake we\’ll happily correct it. Please don\’t try to pitch your opposing viewpoint as a mistake for correction. By all means put your view, but don\’t expect an alteration of the story itself unless there\’s a factual error.

I\’ve commented on a post and it hasn\’t appeared – why?

All comments are held for moderation. None are altered without the commenters approval (except for deletion of profanity – we do that automatically). The moderation queue is in place to prevent defamatory information appearing. We check the moderation queue multiple times each day. If you\’ve embedded two or more URLs in your comment it can sometimes get caught in our spam filter as well.

I want to write for The Metaverse Journal – am I able to?

If you have a great story and you want to write it yourself, we\’re happy to publish your work on a case-by-case basis – with full attribution of course. We\’re unable to pay for stories at this stage but hope to in the future.

Can I reproduce your stories elsewhere?

Yes, but with full credit given and not for commercial benefit. We operate under a Creative Commons Licence:


The Metaverse Journal by
is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.

Are there any potential conflicts of interest you want to declare?

Our involvement with virtual worlds consists of this site, infrequent articles / commentary for other media outlets and a consultancy we run purely at a strategic / information level. We\’re not interested in building virtual world presences or competing with the current Australian content developers. All we do is provide advice to media, government and business on virtual worlds and coordinate projects where applicable.

If you\’re a consultant or developer, contact us and we\’re more than happy to profile you, just like we\’ve profiled a number to date.

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